Burn to Earn with Calo Indoor

Calo Indoor is one of the new quantum realms that belong to the Calo Metaverse Ecosystem.
Calo Indoor is an application that encourages users to be active in sports through game-play designed with AR technology, combined with Game-fi. If Calo Outdoor (Calo Run) requires players to equip NFT Sneakers to start moving to earn, then when coming to Calo Indoor, players also need a pair of NFT shoes according to the Casual concept.
Calo Indoor is one of the next steps to help Calo Metaverse lead the market in creating a game-play ecosystem in the field of Healthy Lifestyle.


Game token: IFIT (IFitness Access Token)
Governance Token: CALO
Note: Calo Indoor is currently under Public Beta Phase, so contents in the Whitepaper could be changed any time.